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About Me

Rudi Tartaglia has worked in the areas of marketing since 1998, He has experience across a diverse range of industries such as retail, franchise, e-commerce, financial services, mining, publishing, law, biotech, and health insurance, just to name a few.

Rudi’s company, Tartaglia Marketing, was launched in 2006 to provide a range of services including business planning and strategic marketing. Since this time, Rudi has worked on a variety of projects, including QLD Rail’s ‘RailSmart’ initiative, MasterCard’s Rewards program, and has also provided strategic planning to Biotech companies through the DEEDI “Job Assist” program. Recently, Rudi also consulted on digital marketing & automation to over 120 clients through the Federal Government ‘Digital Enterprise Solutions’ program.

Rudi’s agency mentors businesses in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing & brand strategy, online and offline marketing management, web development, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and database implementation and management.

Rudi holds a range of formal business qualifications including a Master’s Degree in Political Marketing, Six Sigma Certification (Green Belt),Diploma in Social Media Marketing,Diploma in Business, Diploma in Management, Diploma in Marketing, Advance Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Finance, and is also a nationally accredited business trainer.

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We work with your business around brand & marketing strategy, making sure your  business is set up to compete in changing markets, factoring in all aspects of the marketing mix.
Marketing is not just advertising. The processes you set up around your entire marketing area will be crucial to attain the best ROMI available. We help you set up process for more profound measurement.
We are a fully integrated marketing agency, offering a wide variety of marketing services include web development, SEO, media buying, graphic design, videography, social media strategy, and SEM, just to name a few..